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sign not in use anymore :-)

spidernet waiting for a spider and a fly ;-)

spider waiting for a fly

spider eating a fly

fine lines

not a rose but still beautiful

a rose is a rose is a rose

autumn2012-a lot of apples

pumpkins and chestnuts, nuff said ;-}


full moon

#fungusfriday by Chris Sullivan +Dan Bowden

Liked the colors ;-)

Can you feel this marvelous colors? :-)

fallfruits you can find in Germany (physalis, grapes, plums)

leave of a hazelnuttree lying on the top of a blue car

I love autumn with all its fabulous colors ;-)

truly autumn colors

grasshopper with saber

nice little home :-)

an evening in the mountains in Austria

Somewhere in the vineyard!

So many apples on the ground, autumn is moving in ;-)

This small lake looks like a green road ;-)

Don't know what this machine is for, maybe it has something to do with hay making ?

#floralfriday #floralphotography #floral

Here you think you are in heaven ;-)

It looked as wild as it could ;-)

always attentive :-)

autumn feelings

I don't know if these are epic clouds but they are beautiful

light could be colouful :-)

together it's even better

David Pond same scene, different country

fallen and rotten apples

sunset in a small village in Austria

holiday greetings from Austria

delicious food, yummy !


#macromonday #floral