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Happy Halloween!

another photo processed with HDR Scape, a new snapseed feature

#windowwednesday by Cheryl Cooper Jules Falk Hunter J.J. Bentley #Window Wednesday

wet marigold bud

HDR Scape - a cool new Snapseed - feature


rainy tuesday

the red tree

A line from the Evening Song (The moon has risen) from Matthias Claudius

the man in the window

#monochromemonday by Nurcan Azaz Steve Barge Manuel Votta Jerry Johnson Hans Berendsen Monochrome Monday

Added photos to G+ PEC Photo of the Week Contest.

superb view

#shadowsonsunday by André Roßbach Daniel Graupner ShadowsOnSunday

#rustysunday by Rene Bechard Gary Posner RustySunday

earth and sky


Z for 'Zugspitze' , the highest mountain in Germany

Updated Circle from Mario Falcetti ! Great circle, great people! :-)

exploratory walk


Y for Yellow

pink shroom

a little bit violet for

steep and narrow

If you are a photography enthusiast this circle is a must!

grape leaf in autumn

B for Birthday

X for (random) X on a shroom

Week 43 : Candys/Sweets

Awesome circle from Cesare Riccardo ! Always worth a click!

W for Watch

the way behind the keyhole

ready to eat

It's a rainy day!

windows, windows, windows

V for Violet

#grasstuesday by Margaret Tompkins Ray Bilcliff Grass Tuesday

colorful vineyard

autumnal leaf canopy

vinyards in autumn

U for Upstairs

looks like the head of a tortoise with green hairs

#monochromemonday by Nurcan Azaz Jerry Johnson Steve Barge Manuel Votta Hans Berendsen Monochrome Monday

bright yellow

T for Turquoise

#dawnonsunday by linda stokes Ray Bilcliff Dawn On Sunday

wasp spider

light and shadow

#rustysunday by Rene Bechard Gary Posner RustySunday

beauty never dies

#zensunday by Charlotte Therese Björnström Nathan Wirth Simon Davis-Oakley Zen Sunday

#shroomshotsaturday by Patti Colston Michael Albrecht Anders Stedtlund ShroomshotSaturday

take a seat in the sun