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black star

on the forest floor

golden times

autumnal gold

stars in the sky

into the blue woods

spring time

spring time

fancy fir branch


rural violet

natural balance

in the shadow

The Birds

sunny mood

true colors

signs made of rust

a nest of crocuses

spring in the woods

forgotten place

spring feeling

forest troll

along my way

the magic of light

What a day!

icy daisy

icy leaf

icy morning

along the way

three brothers

circus tent in the grass

lines in the snow

spring rain

spring, summer, fall, winter

sunny snowdrops

rusty knot

Sunday rainbow

on a fine winter evening

cat on top

#shroomshotsaturday by Sabeena LoBello​ +Patricia A ShroomshotSaturday

my girls

Let's dream colors!

red temptation

the observer

the dome

hang on

drops in a circle

look through

abstracted bench

a winter evening