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two cats

#sunrisesaturday by Josh DavisSunrise Saturday

shady spot under the trees

#shroomshotsaturday by Patti ColstonMichael AlbrechtAnders StedtlundShroomshotSaturday

#fungusfriday by Dan BowdenChris SullivanFungus Friday

#turquoisethursday by Tatiana ParmeevaTurquoiseThursday

tree between trees

Amazing circle, Amazing photographers, Amazing photos! The new photography Engagers Circle is here!


#leavesonthursday by Anne DurandRay BilcliffStephen ThackerayLeaves On Thursday

diamonds in form of pearls

stairs or escalator

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Virgil Cowen!

inviting light

seems to be a good place for webs

before the frost came

Have a look at these great circles!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Courtney King Doudna!

Week 48 : Flowers

back then



moss on top

frosty morning

a rainy November morning

sparkling frost

colors in autumn

Long shadows!

Added photos to G+ PEC Photo of the Week Contest / Show.

silhouettes in the window

#benchsaturday by Rainer M. Ritz

shroom in the morning

Added photos to Your best autumn shots.

#fungusfriday by Dan BowdenChris SullivanFungus Friday

A frosty morning in November!

A day in November!

New, New, New! The New Photography Engagers Circle from the Photo Exchange Club !

#natureartthursday by Trisha StandardDane ClinganNatureArtThursday

frozen colors

#stairsthursday by Véronica RiboulotStairs Thursday

another kind of web

in November

A new Circle of Original Content Creators!

Week 47 : Time

fancy tractor

two times clover

first frozen grass this year

frozen chair on a November morning

frosty red

heads up to the sky

lines everywhere

will never come into bloom

colorful threads

A great circle of fantastic Macro Photographers! Shared from the wonderful Walter Soestbergen! :-)

#doorsunday by Maayan WindmullerAndré RoßbachDave KrugmanDoorSunday

frosty morning