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stand out

WPP 2015 - Week 48 - My Country

wrap it up

November rainbow

#rustysunday by Gary Posner​RustySunday​





under a shroom

elegant blue

setting sun

curled ribbon

green on red

path to enlightenment


beauty in the morning

wild berry

#grasstuesday by Margaret Tompkins​Grass Tuesday​

tree on top

#circleshapesmonday Circle Shapes Monday ☀​

at a lake

back then


rusted lock

#spectrumsunday by Laura Ockel​Spectrum Sunday​

#shroomshotsaturday by Sabeena LoBello​Patricia A​Keith Elliott​ShroomshotSaturday​

autumn in the vineyard

wanna sit on a rainbow

wish you a relaxed weekend

my precious

I'm standing still

And when the rain begins to fall

stairs in autumn

Don't leave me!

on a windy day


blue in the morning

walking in the autumn

grass art

autumn in the woods

purple tree

back then

purple illusion

WPP 2015 - Week 46 - Mirrors

last autumn colors

worn out

seeds on a rainbow

glimmer of hope

bench art