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old barn

snow in the vineyard

at the coast, Norway

two seats at the window

Norwegian roads

life in Norway

the tin bucket, color version


only one bite

living at a Norwegian lake

along the Norwegian coast

a shroom

bench in the woods

peek out

small restaurant in a fishing village, Nusfjord

into the blue fog

looking out

a farm on the Norwegian coast

colors in the winter


the tin bucket

Norwegian coast

a summer in Norway

under construction


now and then

colors in the woods

autumn 2015

back from a walk

Farsund Resort, Norway


Norwegian stockfish

a winter morning

a rainbow in the grass

blue winter

icy morning

rainbow path

water as far as the eye can see

reading lamp

an old grocery

a winter night

the river runs through it


norwegian fishermen's cottages

ice blue

rural winter landscape

in contemplation

Norwegian bakery

a glance of the beautiful Norway

a foggy day