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footpath through the woods


when the light breaks through

improvised bench


rusty vision



Hello, in there!

art in nature

a rainbow in spring

over the bridge

the last ones

in the vineyard

autumnal remnant

new life

sun in the sky

bench in the woods

into the woods

on the horizon

after the cherry blossom

HaPpy BirThdaY to you

spring on the meadow

springtime in the fields

monochrome spring

wood and rust

a day in spring

in full bloom

under a leaf

the sun goes down over the vineyard

golden bench at the blue path

spring at the pond


spring flowers

bench with a view

up and down in the vineyard

spring on the ground

it goes up

spring in the table


lovely tree

at the mountain lake

one ray of light

bench with a view

in the fields


#shroomshotsaturday by Patti Colston Patricia Kristensen Sabeena LoBello ShroomshotSaturday

when the sun goes down

learning by watching

above the clouds