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sleepy puppy


#fruitsfriday by +Vesna Krnjic Peter Teufl FruitsFriday

#powerlinefriday by Natosha Davis Powerline Friday

#colorsonfriday by Karsten Meyer Gailen Mapes ColorsOnFriday

#fernfriday by Dusty Gedge Shawn McClure

#fungusfriday by Dan Bowden Chris Sullivan Fungus Friday

autumn flowers

first snow

#allthingsorange by Nina Piccoli Kenneth Williams Lauren Kelley AllThingsOrange

stairs in a different way

bee at work

#leavesonthursday by Anne Durand Ray Bilcliff +Marilou Aballe

stormy day

sound asleep

#whitewednesday by Synnøve Zynne Tilrem White Wednesday

three bridges

#waywednesday by Peter Carroll Rob Tilley

another wet web

everlasting flowers - everlasting colors

window behind the fence

two times wood

There are still roses out there! Took this photo on saturday!

camomile everywhere

brdge and its reflection

drops drops drops

This is my birthday present for you ( it's my favorite one)! :-)

still alive

tree at sunset

moss on stone

#mirrormonday by +Elisabeth Edwards Gemma Costa

#monochromemonday by Hans Berendsen Jerry Johnson Steve Barge Nurcan Azaz Monochrome Monday

only an apple

all purple

Antique! The sign seems to be as old as its message! ;-)

afternoon light

A really small door!

me and our dog :-)

old tombstone

#spidersunday by Kjetil Greger Pedersen Kimberly Hosey Chris Mallory Spider Sunday

All that's left of a tree!

rusty cabin

#zensunday by Charlotte Therese Björnström Nathan Wirth Simon Davis-Oakley Zen Sunday

Sunday morning!

Fantastic HQSP PAC Submission Upgrade!

#sunsetsaturday by Dennis Hoffbuhr Sunset Saturday

#ruralsaturday by Mario Cerroni linda stokes

#surrealartsaturday by Mikko Tyllinen SurrealArtSaturday

#shroomshotsaturday by Gary Crawford dizzy blond Michael Albrecht ShroomshotSaturday

sitting in a circle