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Family Excursion

Vineyard Hut

Tyres Recycling

Dianatempel, Hofgarten Munich

Street Art, English Garden

The Portal, Munich


Theatinerkirche, Munich

Duck Family

Old Frame - New Glass

In a Row

The Brick Hut

At the Cemetery

A Poppy and Blue Sky

It's a Rainy Day

Rain Keeps Falling on my Head

On a Leash

Blue Sky

Demolition Houses, Cologne

In the Cherry Orchard

Beautiful Decay

Outside Window

Old Vineyard Hut

Nikolaifleet Abstract, Hamburg

Harmonious Contrasts, Hamburg

This Way, Hamburg

Wine Hut

Lilies of the Valley

Just Like a Swiss Cheese

Spring in the Woods

Wooden Window

A Hut in the Vineyard


Through the Woods

Through the Vineyard

Under a Cherry Tree

Dandelions Buds

Cuddie Cat

Spring Chair

Norwegian Roads

Norwegian Colors

On the Terrace, Norway

At the Purple Beach, Norway

Side Street, Hamburg

From a Distance, Port of Hamburg

People at Work 1, Hamburg

People at Work, Hamburg

The Hut of the Merman, Norway

Visiting an Old Fishing Village, Norway

Red in a Row, Norway