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late summer


in a distance

spider web at the window

rabbit made of pumpkins

leaf abstraction

back then

sparkling drops

sparkling path

on the road again

in the grass

return to dust

at sunset

Already Monday again!?!

'golden years'

rust in the field

enjoying the autumnal sun

sleepy eyes

shroom on top

towards the sun

autumn on the way

sunflowers on a sunny day

20/26 Contrast

on the road

up the stairs

in the garden

bleeding heart

indoor graffiti

autumn fire

evening glow

in the light

autumn in the vineyard

13th birthday

WPP 2016 - Week 37 - Celebration

Monday mood

triple security

heaven on earth

light and shadow

disco in the undergrowth

This is not the end of the line!

pink poppy

a slacker and a watchdog

cross connections

off the beaten path

black star

in the shadow



end of summer