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up the hill

blue leaf

into the woods

sunset on a bench

look through


spring is in the air

WPP 2016 - Week 13 - Spring or Autumn

the blue road

alone on a field

bench in the green

spring mood

walking into spring

#rustysunday by Gary Posner​RustySunday​

spring rainbow

let the sun shine

shrooms in the sun

Easter decoration

Happy Easter

towards the sunset

7/26 Baker's Dozen

recreation area with a view

#beethursday by Dorothy Pugh​Bee Thursday​

spring colors


into the blue

red curl

HappY BirthDaY

in the grass

trees in a row

in the garden

WPP 2016 - Week 12 - In the garden

ice star

flooded with light


Sunday rainbow

rusty delight

bench in the orchard



frozen shrooms

frozen way

frozen crocus

still life

bench in spring

leaf in spring

looking out of the window


looking out of the window

the unhappy tree