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#springfever SpringFeverTuesday

#two4tuesday by Mary C Legg Two4Tuesday

growing grass

#bokehtuesday by Bob Baxley

#repetitivetuesday by Ping Doherty Andy Q. Frank Schillinger Repetitive Tuesday

#treetuesday by Christina Lawrie Shannon S. Myers Tree Tuesday


#mossymonday #mossmonday by Dan Bowden #dofmonday by Mara Acoma Mark Hall Alan Gurling Nigel Smith DOFMonday

late afternoon

#dawnonsunday by linda stokes Ray Bilcliff Dawn On Sunday

#minimalmonday by Olivier Du Tré


monumental bench with a view

#unsharpsaturday by Nathan Beaulne Unsharp Saturday

#sunsetsaturday by Dennis Hoffbuhr Sunset Saturday

spring in the vineyard



#framedsubjectfriday by Carsten Schlipf Matthias Haeussler Claus Allweil Dirk Müller FramedSubjectFriday

color makes the difference

this is beauty

stone and steel

Needs a brush!


#natureartthursday by Trisha Standard Dane Clingan NatureArtThursday

sand lizard

school windows in spring

white in spring

forest path

the essential

colored fence

#wetwednesday by Jen Baptist Wet Wednesday

autumn and spring

#landscapearttuesday by Christina Deubel LandscapeArtTuesday

#two4tuesday by Mary C Legg Two4Tuesday

piled up wood

all things green

bottom up

What a pity!

#minimalmonday by Olivier Du Tré


fluffy like a bunch of feathers

the door behind the door

#zensunday by Charlotte Therese Björnström Nathan Beaulne Simon Davis-Oakley Zen Sunday

#dawnonsunday by linda stokes Ray Bilcliff Dawn On Sunday

#shadowsonsunday by André Roßbach Daniel Graupner ShadowsOnSunday

The sign means: nature preserve. Looks like the sign needs some protection, too. :-)

#spidersunday by Kimberly Hosey Mandy Allen Spider Sunday

all alone

#rustysunday by Rene Bechard Gary Posner RustySunday