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Have a look at the 1st Contest of 10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS with the great theme : Water !


#vividwednesday by Ajay Hatti VividWednesday

#webbywednesday by Celeste Odono WebbyWednesday

The leaves begin to fall!

lovely fence

#two4tuesday by Mary C Legg Two4Tuesday

lonely tree

dreamy flower world

hawk in the vineyard searching for food

Added photos to G+ PEC Photo of the Week Contest.

Week 34 : Self Portrait

#mossymonday by Dan Bowden

apple tree

again another vineyard photo

#minimalmonday by Olivier Du Tré

a cloud in the water

#macromonday by Kelli Seeger Kim Jennifer Eden Kerry Murphy Macro Monday

the beauty lies within


#zensunday by Charlotte Therese Björnström Nathan Beaulne Zen Sunday

#shadowsonsunday by André Roßbach Daniel Graupner ShadowsOnSunday

#rustysunday by Gary Posner Rene Bechard RustySunday

When the sun bursts through the clouds!

A great circle with lots of wonderful photographers! Come and have a look!

#caturday by Jules Falk Hunter Shantha Marie Fountain Cicely Robin Laing CATURDAY!

needs a cut


yellow beauty

Anyu enjoying the sunset!

fungus on top

When the sun meets a powerline!

#featherfriday by E.E. Giorgi Robin Griggs Wood #colorsonfriday by Britta Rogge Karsten Meyer ColorsOnFriday

#bridgewednesday by Bridge Wednesday


dry leaf

bumblebee + flower = nature art

#webbywednesday by Celeste Odono WebbyWednesday

#dangerous fence

#wetwednesday by Jen Baptist Wet Wednesday

#waywednesday by Rob Tilley Peter Carroll

#repetitivetuesday by Ping Doherty Andy Q. Frank Schillinger Repetitive Tuesday

Week 33 : Textures

#two4tuesday by Mary C Legg Two4Tuesday

#landscapearttuesday by Christina Deubel LandscapeArtTuesday

#grasstuesday by Margaret Tompkins Ray Bilcliff Grass Tuesday

#headsupmondays by russ vallelunga HeadsUpMondays

#leadinglinesmonday by Pam Boling Elle Rogers Leading Lines Monday

#moodymondayphoto by Annelies Kroen Carole Buckwalter Philip Daly Moody Monday

macro moss

climbing crag

#zensunday by Charlotte Therese Björnström Nathan Beaulne Zen Sunday

#sentimentalsunday by Louisa Catharine Forsyth Sentimental Sunday Theme