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as time goes by

the last one

#spidersunday by Kimberly Hosey Mandy Allen Kjetil Greger Pedersen Spider Sunday

rusty protection

an old door and four mailboxes

grab the bull by the horns

unsharp dog rose

#snailsaturday by Ajay Hatti

bench in the vineyard

#powerlinefriday by Natosha Davis Powerline Friday

eye to eye

Icarus butterfly bottom up

a rose for friday

half-timber houses in Maulbronn, Germany

#fourwheeledfriday by Annelies Kroen Kimberly Tweed Akhil Kalsh Baba Schmitz StPaul Herrmann Rob Hallifax Eric Hege Four Wheeled Friday

looking along a colored wall

#pixelbenderismonthursday by Robin Cohen Ralitza Tchiorniy Pat A Jordan PixelBenderism On Thursday

from blossom to fruit


a bee and a beetle

down to the river

Who's coming!


peeking out of the fence

#wetwednesday by Jen Baptist Wet Wednesday

#waywednesday by Peter Carroll Rob Tilley

#repetitivetuesday by Ping Doherty Andy Q. Frank Schillinger Repetitive Tuesday

#grasstuesday by Margaret Tompkins Ray Bilcliff Grass Tuesday

#two4tuesday by Mary C Legg Two4Tuesday

lavender is in the air

#treetuesday by Christina Lawrie Shannon S. Myers Tree Tuesday

Week 26 : Water

#mossymonday by Dan Bowden

lines in the vineyard

#mirrormonday by Gemma Costa Mirrors and Reflections

#minimalmonday by Olivier Du Tré

nature in the vineyard

water flowing down

light and shadow

the door behind the leaves

no sign lasts forever

spider while eating

#sentimentalsunday by Louisa Catharine Forsyth Sentimental Sunday Theme

cat on a car

benches by the lake

#sunsetsaturday by Dennis Hoffbuhr Sunset Saturday

unsharp green

misty day

view from a narrow street

#buggyfriday by Victoria Etna Ray Bilcliff Buggy Friday