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an old one

bounce back

Happy Halloween

but I love it

roses for

You're a light in the darkness

curls under a rainbow

turquoise with a hint of pink

autumn leaves on my way

wasps at lunch

autumn web

autumn mist

autumn leaves

Hi there!

on an autumn day

on an autumn afternoon

on an autumn morning

WPP 2015 - Week 43 - Water

autumn mood

tea time for Anything Halloween

thin mist rises

old oven

snail at lunch

Caution : toxic berries

autumn in the orchard


let's fly away

these days are gone


pink illusion

a leaf makes a journey

autumn beauties

curl in the grass

colorful fence


one autumn morning

autumnal mood with colored spots

two-dimensional tree

grass in autumn


frosty shoe

WPP 2015 - Week 42 - Sunset -Sunrise

holes - the softest water wears away the hardest stone

something round and rusty

a dog and a leaf

beauty is everywhere

adorning oneself with borrowed plumes

on a bright autumn day

autumn under cherry trees

in company food tastes even better


shroom head