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two different kind of moss

new shoes

Week 40 : Colors

#moodymondayphoto by Annelies Kroen Carole Buckwalter Philip Daly Moody Monday

furry feather

Added photos to G+ PEC Photo of the Week Contest.

every blossom has to fade away

Week 39 : Negative Space

When the sun casts long shadows!

#zensunday by Charlotte Therese Björnström Nathan Wirth Simon Davis-Oakley Zen Sunday

#doorsunday by Maayan Windmuller Dave Krugman André Roßbach DoorSunday

#dawnonsunday by linda stokes Ray Bilcliff Dawn On Sunday

Want to be part of the great Interim Circle by Robert SKREINER ,then have a closer look at this post! ;-)

beefsteakfungus after the rain


bench situated on a hillside

Another week, another Photography ENGAGERS Circle! Engage and be a part of the Photo Exchange Club ! ;-)

#floralfriday by Tamara Pruessner Beth Akerman Kiki Nelson Eustace James FloralFriday

#framedsubjectfriday by Claus Allweil Carsten Schlipf Matthias Haeussler Dirk Müller FramedSubjectFriday


grasshopper in the Alps

bottom up

Great composition of nature!

circular stairs

blooming - withering

#bridgewednesday by Mara Acoma Mark Hall Alan Gurling Nigel Smith Bridge Wednesday

summer in (front of) a window

something wet, can't remember what

watch your step

lichen on the fence

beauty meets decay

a new generation

sleeping dragon with a tree on its back

grass, a chair and a plum tree

autumn on the fields

Have a look at this great page! :-)

Added photos to G+ PEC Photo of the Week Contest.

office buildings in Köln, Germany

#mirrormonday by Gemma Costa Mirrors and Reflections


#mossymonday by Dan Bowden

#monochromemonday by Hans Berendsen Nurcan Azaz Steve Barge Manuel Votta Jerry Johnson Monochrome Monday

#mistymonday by Martin Rak Misty Monday

not only shadows on the wall

#rustysunday by Gary Posner Rene Bechard RustySunday

#doorsunday by Maayan Windmuller André Roßbach Dave Krugman DoorSunday

floating leaf

Week 38 : Autumn

#fungusfriday by Dan Bowden Chris Sullivan Fungus Friday

#benchsaturday by Rainer M. Ritz

Here's looking at you kid.

sleeping Anyu


#fernfriday by Dusty Gedge Shawn McClure #FernFriday

#floralfriday by Tamara Pruessner FloralFriday