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Street Art, Stavanger-Norway

Living in Norway


North Norway

Yellow Fog


Street Art on a White Door

At the End of Winter

Left Behind

In a Parking Garage

Norwegian Still Life

Stone and Water

Standing at the Abyss

Stavanger Bikes

Purple Rust

Norwegian Roads

Norwegian Weather

Rural Still Life

Blue Hopper

Icy Teeth

The Giant

Traditional Norwegian House

Street Art, Stavanger-Norway

Autumn in a Birch Forest

Bench by the Wayside

One Look - One Picture

House Number 7

Pink Trailer

A Rainbow at Night, Bergen-Norway

On the Road


Workplace with a View

Snow Dogs

Trollstigen, Norway


The Red Barn

Blue Hour in the Woods

Blue Hour at the Norwegian Coast

Mossy Bench

Along the Fence

Yellow Flash

The Last Light

Green Packaged

Alone on the Fields

Bergen at Night, Norway


Driving By

Snow on the Roof

Chapel on an Island, Norway

Dream Car