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into the light

every single color

old and rusty

elf's meadow


16/26 One object/subject 3 different ways

winding up

walking in the shadow

poppy art

childhood memories

refreshing water

WPP 2016 - Week 30 - Wet or Dry

sitting on gold

a drink with a view

crossing a meadow

grass in the evening light

retreat from the sun

having breakfast

make two from one

old and rusty

up and down

evening glow

long bench

in the vineyard

sunset on an oat field

the lake castle Monrepos in Ludwigsburg, Germany

WPP 2016 - Week 29 - B&W conversion


winding roads

morning mood

on the tennis court

till the end

flowers on the way

the red window

when the light breaks through

a place in the sun

all the way up

three snails and a fly

blue curve

the fly

a morning in the orchard

fallen off

turquoise illusion

fly me to the rainbow

before the harvest

bench art

shroom family

That's mine!

straight ahead

15/26 Beautiful Bokeh