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Driving Down, Hamburg 1

Looking Up, Cologne 1

Looking Up, Cologne

Driving Down, Trollstigen

A Glimpse of Norway

In a Norwegian Cafe

Water and Stone

Blue Norway

Dive Into

An Evening in Bergen, Norway

End of Work

Speicherstadt, Hamburg

Buildings of Hamburg 3

Buildings of Hamburg 2

Buildings of Hamburg 1

Buildings of Hamburg

Spring Mood 4

Spring Mood 3

Spring Mood 2

Spring Mood 1


Spring Beauty

Old Aged Vineyard Hut

Old Aged Wheel

Easter Pastel

Spring Flowers

Spring Landscape

Three Fern Leaves


Easter Fountain

Norwegian Solitude 1

Old tire

Oil Station

Dancing Towers, Hamburg

Railway Station, Hamburg

The Old Stock Exchange Building

Inviting Entrance

A Pleasant Place to Rest

Spring Tulip

A New Beginning

Construction Work in the Vineyard

Swing Bridge in Cologne

Under a Bridge in Cologne

The Cologne Cathedral

A Street in Cologne

Spring in the Cherry Orchard

Spring in the Vineyard

Spring on the Trees

Spring in the Grass

Houses on the Hill