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#sunsetsaturday by Dennis HoffbuhrSunset Saturday

one against all

the green bench in the garden

save from flood

#buggyfriday by Dorothy PughRay BilcliffBuggy Friday

spring greetings

#macrofeatherfriday by Robin Griggs WoodE.E. Giorgi

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stairs to the water

furry friend

Want to dream?

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the window with two hearts

ABC Photo Project

blue blink


a pearl amidst drops

Work from Original Content Creators! A circle by Circles Circles Circles!

dream of grass

ABC Photo Project

lonely chair in the vineyard


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Added photos to Thursday Thoughts and Photo Inspiration theme Sunsets.

lines leading to the next station

icy moss

ABC Photo Project

morning mood

Added photos to G+ PEC Photo of the Week Contest / Show.

ABC Photo Project

#spectrumsunday by Laura OckelSpectrum Sunday


a bit rust for Sunday

It's almost springtime so time for this contest by Courtney King Doudna! Test your senses! :-)

#sunrisesaturday by Josh DavisSunrise Saturday

checking news

ABC Photo Project

looking for mice

out of the earth


#framedsubjectfriday by Carsten SchlipfClaus AllweilDirk MüllerMatthias HaeusslerFramedSubjectFriday

#macrofeatherfriday by Robin Griggs Wood E.E. Giorgi

ABC Photo Project


rose with hat

Awesome circle by Jasmina Brozović!

ABC Photo Project

rosehip with hat

remnants of winter

ABC Photo Project

a whole tree in one drop

HAppY BirthDaY dear Alan Gurling

cold berries

golden mean


#two4tuesday by Mary C LeggTwo4Tuesday

ABC Photo Project