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Why look far when everything good is so close by?!

already gone

#rustysunday by Gary Posner​RustySunday​

#shroomshotsaturday by Sabeena LoBello​​ Keith Elliott​ ShroomshotSaturday​​

bench with teeth

berry on ice

3/26 Emotions

Meet you at the pink clouds!

some colors for today

feather on ice

the golden road

curls on ice


fire and ice

follow the pink track

moss on ice

walking in the winter forest


not a baked apple but a frozen one

How time flies!

ice cold

we come and we go all alone

sitting on a tree

treasure chest

Villa Kunterbunt

winter benches

It's caturday!


colors in the snow

Balou getting old

#fungusfriday by Shawn McClure​Fungus Friday​

lots of twisted curls

the way to the bench

the golden leaf

snow gently trickles

towards the sun


autumnal grass

three ravens


WPP 2016 - Week 03 - The S Curve

frosty art

frosty colors

rust and frost

rainbow sunset

The way is the aim!

#shroomshotsaturday by Sabeena LoBello​Patricia A​Keith Elliott​ShroomshotSaturday​

Let's play!

It's not only just a dream!

frosty bench