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last snow

frozen bubbles in macro version

mossy stairs up the hill

#whitewednesday by Synnøve Zynne Tilrem White Wednesday

old bridge over the german river Neckar

straight ahead

lots of rain --- lots of puddles

across the balcony

Let' s try!

huts on the fence

#grasstuesday by lizett Beltran Margaret Tompkins Ray Bilcliff Grass Tuesday

Week 9: Landscape

#tuesdecay by Ian Ference TuesDecay

Took this photo out of the car on our way back home!

ABC- Project

#mountainmonday by Michael Russell

waiting for the dentist

#macromonday by Kelli Seeger Kim Kerry Murphy Jennifer Eden Macro Monday

#mossymonday #mossmonday by +Dan Bowden

life veins

emergency rescue helicopter


#rustysunday by Rene Bechard Gary Posner RustySunday

#zensunday by Charlotte Therese Björnström Zen Sunday

the sun finds its way

#doorsunday by Dave Krugman Maayan Windmuller André Roßbach


#benchsaturday by Rainer M. Ritz

#shroomshotsaturday by Patti Colston Gary Crawford Michael Albrecht ShroomshotSaturday

#digitalartsaturday by Dawn Ellen Miller Dale Jackson DigitalArtSaturday


I love snow!

forest at sunset

warm light in a cold morning


frosty pink


Week 8: Other Photographers

icicles meet tree

old stairs lead to a new window

yellow in winter


stormy weather

bridge over smooth water

wet wood

rolled up fence

colored window behind the window

dreaming of spring


well-lit bridge

stacked wheels