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Halloween at Europa Park!

#lichenpoker The Lichen Page by Dan Bowden Chris Mallory Andrée Sanborn

way up the hill

#windowwednesday by Cheryl Cooper Jason Kowing J.J. Bentley +Catherine Furet +Simon Kitcher Jules Falk Hunter

snow on the fence

anchored in the fence

Wet street leading to the sun, if you are fast enough! ;-)

shining leaves

wet feather

net web

great sky, great sunset, great evening

dreaming of summer

seems this was made out of rust

#dawnonsunday by Ray Bilcliff Sherry McBriar linda stokes Dawn On Sunday

shadow of leaves on a trunk

sacred stone in an old keltic place

lonely tree on a field

open door leads to a closed door

good sign for a rest ;-)

vineyard in autumncolors part two

#silhouettesaturday by Naila Ziani

#stonesaturday by Jen Baptist Antoine Berger Stone Saturday

#unsharpsaturday by Nathan Beaulne Unsharp Saturday

#unsharpsaturday by Nathan Beaulne Unsharp Saturday

vineyard in autumn colors

#ruralsaturday by Mario Cerroni linda stokes

#sunsetsaturday by Dennis Hoffbuhr Sunset Saturday

Hang on! ;-)

Some stones of my "holy" stone collection! ;-)

Mäh! Looks like a sheep! :-)

#sunrisesaturday by Josh Davis Sunrise Saturday

sunset in an asparagus field

#streetsaturday by Siddharth Pandit

#surrealartsaturday by Mikko Tyllinen SurrealArtSaturday

#shroomshotsaturday by Gary Crawford dizzy blond ShroomshotSaturday

This nice little bench is from last week. Today it would be different, wet and snowy!

dandelion in the autumn

autumn colors

#powerlinefriday by Natosha Davis Powerline Friday

curvy vineyard

#buggyfriday by Ray Bilcliff Margaret Tompkins Buggy Friday

grapes in the morning

white frost on a stinging nettle

I don't like brushing

two times four is eight

There's still growth outside! ;-)

pansies with dew drops

high above

#buggyfriday by Ray Bilcliff Margaret Tompkins Buggy Friday

jar jar binks sends its greetings