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naked beauty

#rustysunday by Gary Posner​RustySunday​

looking through the fence

a touch of red

above the clouds

Feel free! This weeks assignment by MOJITO ART FRIDAY !

#fungusfriday by Shawn McClure​Leonie H​Fungus Friday​

#floralfriday by Tamara Pruessner​Beth Akerman​Kiki Nelson​Eustace James​FloralFriday​

For this one you need fantasy! What can you see? I can see a hedgehog and a toucan, and you?

UP stairs

hAppY biRthdaY dear Virgil Cowen​!

#waterdropwednesday by Teresa Linstead​Michael Albrecht​Valerij Karpinchik​**W*aterDro*p**Wednesday​

of the same kind

Once upon a time ......

Originally shared by Grant Stringer (Exposure)

Added photos to Exposure Gallery and Competition Edition – 23rd November – 30th November 2014.

Week 47 : Architecture


Originally shared by HQSP Info

Originally shared by Grant Stringer (Exposure)

#sentimentalsunday by Louisa Catharine Forsyth​Sentimental Sunday Theme​


crazy colors


#shroomshotsaturday by Patti Colston​Michael Albrecht​Anders Stedtlund​ShroomshotSaturday​

pink hour

Celebration Assignment by MOJITO ART FRIDAY !

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fur caps

green on wine red


white wet

#leavesonthursday by Mehdia Ridder​Leaves On Thursday​

Added photos to LPC Contest #27: Textures in the Landscape.

dead end

#waterdropwednesday by Teresa Linstead​Michael Albrecht​Valerij Karpinchik​WaterDropWednesday​

iced tree

grass at 2000 meters above sea level

Guess what I am!

Week 46 : Negative Space

Qué Será, Será

#dawnonsunday Dawn On Sunday​

#rustysunday by Gary Posner​RustySunday​

#shroomshotsaturday by Patti Colston​Sabeena LoBello​Michael Albrecht​Anders Stedtlund​ShroomshotSaturday​

begin of autumn

New assignment by MOJITO ART FRIDAY​! :-)

#turquoisethursday by Tatiana Parmeeva​TurquoiseThursday​

#floralfriday by Tamara Pruessner​Kiki Nelson​Beth Akerman​Eustace James​FloralFriday​

spring colors in autumn

spring feelings in autumn

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morning flowers

morning grass

Added photos to Exposure Gallery and Competition Edition – 9th November – 16th November 2014.

Week 44 : Leading Lines