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web in the grass

over the bridge



progressing autumn

autumn at the edge of the woods

No way!

autumn leaf

autumn sun

shroom with leaf

from above

Wish you a colorful weekend!

a morning in autumn

autumnal red


in the autumnal forest

autumnal colors

autumnal colors

an evening at the lake

smart curl

Norwegian rust

shrooms in autumn


sunrise in the vinyard

sunny autumn

in the forest

at the coast

in Denmark

at sunset

beach still life

rising sun

autumnal walk

in Denmark

autumnal bench

rusty detail

autumnal bench

strong green

autumnal fruits

Wish you splendid weekend!

old fashioned grocery store

an old couple

sunset in the orchard

Have a relaxed week!

an old fishing village

along the cherry alley

rust on Sunday

ready to pounce

by the wayside

"dog driver" with passenger

the snail trail