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two sunshades

bench under a chestnut tree



#fungusfriday by Dan BowdenChris SullivanFungus Friday

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#buggyfriday by Dorothy PughRay BilcliffBuggy Friday

in the middle

Added photos to Makroaufnahme im Abendlicht.

#natureartthursday by Trisha StandardDane ClinganNatureArtThursday

#leavesonthursday by Anne DurandRay BilcliffStephen ThackerayLeaves On Thursday

#waterdropwednesday by Patti ColstonTeresa LinsteadMichael AlbrechtValerij KarpinchikWaterDropWednesday

unsharp way

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HaPPy BiRTHday dear Enrique Pelaez!

#two4tuesday by Mary C LeggTwo4Tuesday

#treetuesday by Christina LawrieRalph MendozaAllan CabreraDavid R RobinsonShannon S. MyersTree Tuesday

grass and a fly

Week 21 : Street Photography

Down The Line

blue can in the blue sky

sunset in a field of blowballs

mossy lichen world



#rustysunday by Rene BechardGary PosnerRustySunday




The Beatles

ant on top

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framed sunset

inside details

on the road

on the balcony

on the water

in the city

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in the grass

in the garden

gritty ice crystals

HerZlichen GlüCKwunsch zum Geburtstag

#mossymonday by Dan Bowden

#monochromemonday by Steve Barge Dominique HilbertHans BerendsenMartin HellerJerry JohnsonMonochrome Monday

Week 20 : Vanishing Point

shady spot

#rustysunday by Gary PosnerRene BechardRustySunday

Hit The Road Jack! The weekly assignment of MOJITO ART FRIDAY !

Hit The Road Jack

#silhouettesaturday by Naila z SilhouetteSaturday

living on a rainbow

longing for light

house between houses