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morning mood

a wish comes true

bench at a bend

dominical rainbow

memories of autumn

rusty carbon

landscape art

shroom art

winter art

#fungusfriday by Shawn McClure​Fungus Friday​

bench with a view

bell flower

5/26 Wish

blue curve

mossy carpet

autumnal remnant

green and blue

light outside

play with colors

can't get enough

standing alone

one green one yellow

the winding path

evening peace

WPP 2016 - Week 08 - Shades

bench art

winter depression

spring in monochrome

step by step

rusty center

the raven

some autumnal colors for

where once was a way

The River Runs Through It


#shroomshotsaturday by Sabeena LoBello​Keith Elliott​ShroomshotSaturday​

two statues

old iron

behind the the next bend

herald of spring

when the sun goes down



autumn leaf in winter

full moon


new from old

moss hug


through the vineyard