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leaf art

autumnal monument

autumn rain

evening in the vineyard


in the autumnal woods

moody shroom

autumnal beauty


turned the colors on

autumn in the woods

shrooms in autumn

autumn in the vineyard

autumn leaves

abstract rain

autumn in the vineyard

solitude on the hill

solitude on the hill

sunset on the road

November rain

on the forest floor

rust and more

shroom in the moss

purple bench


pink shrooms

autumnal way

autumn flag

autumn in the vineyard

What are you waiting for?

golden autumn

autumn in progress


soft curve

new generation

a cross and hints of rust

struggled throught

velvet paws

autumn daisies

in the moss

blue road

autumn at its best

bubble abstract

the forbidden fruit

hiding in the grass

light me up

gold collection

together in the loneliness

light and shadow

color play