#fernfriday by Dusty Gedge Shawn McClure

#fernfriday  by Dusty Gedge Shawn McClure 
#dailydepthoffield  by Vince Ong Nuraini Ghaifullah Virgil Cowen f.a. fiebig Daily Depth Of Field 
#hqspmacro  by Vinod Krishnamoorthy Vishal Kumar HQSP Macro 
#pixelworld  by Alberto Carrera PixelWorld 
#fotoamateur  by Remo Primatesta Markus Landsmann Scotti van Palm Karsten Meyer Fotoamateur 
#plusphotoextract  by Jarek Klimek 
#paintography  by Carol Small Gail Beerman Ray Bilcliff Paintography


  1. Great composition and Depth of Field. These leaves look like Ribs and I love the way it was shot. Thank You for Sharing with #dailydepthoffield

  2. Thank you very much for your great support!  ;-)Daily Depth Of Field


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