morning mood or be in the shadow

morning mood or be in the shadow

#moodymonday  by Philip Daly Carole Buckwalter Moody Monday 
#naturemonday  by Rolf Hicker Jen Baptist NatureMonday 
#hqsplandscape  by Ara MO Delcour Eric HQSP Landscape 
#landscapephotography  by Margaret Tompkins Carra Riley paul t beard David Heath Williams Landscape Photography 
#pixelworld  by Alberto Carrera PixelWorld 
#1000photographersaroundtheworld  by Robert SKREINER 10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World 
#landscapearttuesday  by Christina Deubel LandscapeArtTuesday


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with the #LandscapePhotography theme!!

  2. Thank you so much for your support!  ;-)  Margaret Tompkins

  3. Very beautiful! Love the lighting and composition. You're lucky to have at least a little bit of snow!

  4. Yeah, that's true. It's enough to go sledging! Thank you for your comment!  :-) Steve Barge


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