#buggyfriday by Ray Bilcliff Buggy Friday

#buggyfriday  by Ray Bilcliff Buggy Friday 
#bugseveryday  by Chris Mallory BugsEveryday 
#hqspmacro  by Vinod Krishnamoorthy Vishal Kumar HQSP Macro 
#10000photographersaroundtheworld  by Robert SKREINER 10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World 
#inpraiseofpollinators  by Dusty Gedge +In Praise of Polllinators 
#sexyfly  by Shane Williams Derek small Sexy Flies


  1. What a complex flower this fly is tackling!

  2. The flower looks really enticing, doesn' t it?  ;-) Dorothy Pugh

  3. You are great! I had to grin when I read this! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm! I hope you don' t get tired of my photos some day! I have so many left and I' m already sorry for you! LOL  :-)  Shane Williams


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