#dailydepthoffield by Vince Ong Virgil Cowen Nuraini Ghaifullah f.a. fiebig Daily Depth Of Field

#dailydepthoffield  by Vince Ong Virgil Cowen Nuraini Ghaifullah f.a. fiebig Daily Depth Of Field 
#bokehtuesday  by Bob Baxley 
#repetitivetuesday  by Ping Doherty Andy Q. Frank Schillinger Repetitive Tuesday 
#hqspmacro  by Vinod Krishnamoorthy Vishal Kumar HQSP Macro 
#10000photographersaroundtheworld  by Robert SKREINER 10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World 
#breakfastclub  by Gemma Costa Breakfast Club


  1. As the Last Tear Drop Falls. Love that little bit of snow cling to the branch. Reminds of the Last Tear Drop hanging on. Great shot and DOF. Thank You for sharing with #dailydepthoffield

  2. very nice dof and frosty focus, stefanie! many thanks for sharing with Daily Depth Of Field theme and for your support.

  3. Thank you so much for your great support and your wonderful comments!  Virgil Cowen f.a. fiebig


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