#two4tuesday  by Mary C Legg Two4Tuesday 
#twotimestuesday  by Robert McMillan
#hqspnaturalother  HQSP Natural Other 
#hqspmonochrome  by Blake Harrold Luis Vivanco HQSP Monochrome 
#allthingsmonochrome  by Charles Lupica Bill Wood All Things Monochrome 
#10000photographersbwmonochrome  by Victor Westerhout Nikola Nikolski Robert SKREINER 10000 Photographers BW Monochrome 
#fotoamateur  by Remo Primatesta Markus Landsmann Scotti van Palm
Karsten Meyer Britta Rogge Fotoamateur


  1. Great idea, Stefanie Schächtel  Thanks for sharing with #allthingsmonochrome

  2. was it a good wine year over there?  I think it had to be very good year here because the grapes were picked extremely late, so will be very nice rieslings, sparkling wines here.

  3. I think so! But I have to drink a glass of wine from this year first! Then I will tell you about the quality!  ;-) Mary C Legg

  4. I had only a little  Most/ Sturm  this year... it was really good. the Moravians bring in their new wines to Prague and set up little kiosks on the main squares and  in public parks  for about a month... it's like frothy liquid honey. goes down very easy.

  5. Sounds very delicious! Thank you very much for your answer!  ;-) Mary C Legg


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