leaf art

leaf art

#natureartthursday  by Trisha Standard Dane Clingan NatureArtThursday 
#leavesonthursday  by Ray Bilcliff Anne Durand Marilou Aballe Leaves On Thursday 
#hqspmacro  by Vinod Krishnamoorthy Vishal Kumar  HQSP Macro 
#paintography  by Gail Beerman Carol Small Sherry McBriar Ray Bilcliff Paintography 
#pixelworld  by Alberto Carrera PixelWorld
#10000photographersaroundtheworld  by Robert SKREINER 10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World


  1. Very beautiful shot! Wonderful composition and colors. Love the textures too

  2. Thank you very much for your support!  ;-) Steve Barge


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