get a glimpse of a church

get a glimpse of a church

#framedsubjectfriday  by Carsten Schlipf Claus Allweil Dirk Müller Matthias Haeussler FramedSubjectFriday 
#hqspnonnaturephotos  by Rhea Surgimath Alexandre Fagundes de Fagundes Rinus Bakker HQSP Non-Nature Photos 
#hqspmonochrome  by Trever McGhee Blake Harrold Luis Vivanco HQSP Monochrome 
#allthingsmonochrome  by Charles Lupica Bill Wood All Things Monochrome 
#10000photographersbwmonochrome  by Victor Westerhout Nikola Nikolski Robert SKREINER 10000 Photographers BW Monochrome 


  1. Stefanie Schächtel very nicely done.  I like the blue tint to the processing.

  2. Very nice. A great example, where a frame must not always surround a subject. Thanks for sharing with #framedsubjectfriday

  3. Love the little balcony under the rocks

  4. Excellent Share 
    I will make sure it's Shared on HQSP Monochrome

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  5. Thank you very much! I like the blue tint, too! Looks much better than in plain bw!  ;-)  Charles Lupica

  6. Thank you so much dear Rodolfo Seide !  ;-)

  7. Thank you very much for your great comment!  ;-) FramedSubjectFriday

  8. Thank you very much! Love this nice little balcony, too! I wondered how you feel standing there.  ;-) HQSP Monochrome

  9. Lovely!
    Thank you for sharing with HQSP Non-Nature Photos (Rhea)

  10. Thank you for your lovely comment!   ;-) HQSP Non-Nature Photos (Rhea)


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