Want to be part of the great Interim Circle by Robert SKREINER ,then have a closer look at this post! ;-)

Want to be part of the great Interim Circle by Robert SKREINER ,then have a closer look at this post!   ;-)

Originally shared by Robert SKREINER

Interim CIRCLE of ❶st Contest–BW Monochrome Photos M-Z
including all photographers who have already uploaded photos!
Google+ Page: 10000 Photographers BW Monochrome
#10000photographersBWmonochrome by Robert SKREINER
& Joel Tjintjelaar & Heimo MAUSER &  Gemma Costa

Who wants to be included in the next circle again, please share this circle. This is only a fair rule. Who wants to be promoted must also concede this to the others.
►►► How to get also into the next circle? - It's very easy:

1) Please share this circle public in your stream!
2) Add the pages 10000 Photographers BW Monochrome
                                  & Circle 4 You
     *and the curators to your circles:*
    Robert SKREINER & Joel Tjintjelaar 
    & Heimo MAUSER & Gemma Costa 
3) Join the NEW Community ►Top Photos on Google+◄
     and share your best photos also to the Community.
4) Sign in to the ❶st Contest – BW Monochrome Photos here:
5) It is probably easy to understand that we leave off in new circles always
     *those who have not publicly shared a circle in their stream*
     *in which they were included.*

10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS  Nature Photos  Landscape Photos  
Cityscape Photos  Sea- & Lakescape Photos  Wildlife Photos
Weather and Natural Forces  CATS all over the World  
Circle 4 You  BIRD LOVERS Worldwide  DOG LOVERS Worldwide
Robert SKREINER - PHOTOGRAPHY  Classic Cars Photography
Fine Art Fantastic Photos  Texture Blend Photography
Breakfast Club  Street Fine Art Photography
Mirrors and Reflections  Photos of AUSTRIA


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