Amazing circle, Amazing photographers, Amazing photos! The new photography Engagers Circle is here!

Amazing circle, Amazing photographers, Amazing photos! The new photography Engagers Circle is here! 
Shared via Frank Niemeyer 

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The new Pʜᴏᴛᴏɢʀᴀᴘʜʏ ENGAGERS Cɪʀᴄʟᴇ is out!  [Nov 28, 2013]
Fun for the whole family!  (batteries not included)

Public:  Just add this circle and enjoy the photos in your stream!
Participants: Do you qualify? >> 

Quick start instructions:
➊  Post a URL link to a recent G+ photo in the comments below 
Click photo links from others and +1, comment, and/or share 
➌  Publicly share this circle-post, from a new friend's stream
➍  *Add this circle*  / replace it every week to save your time
➎  *+1 this post* to say thanks to the curator and promote the PEC!

The only required action is that you share a photo from your stream last week in the comments below.  Sharing this post has other benefits, and is at your discretion!

The optional Photo of the Week Contest that complements this photo share is here >>

Participation here qualifies you to enter the contest.  Last week's winner was Silke Tüxen, see her photo here  >>

The Biggest Ripple Award goes to >> Sandrine Berjonneau << with a chain of 21 shares!  Thanks to all those that helped: Frank Niemeyer, dietmar rogacki, Septimiu Catona, k phelps, Peter Grew, Pål Børsting, Rodney Campbell, Dominique Bonnet, Michel Fabre, Stefanie Schächtel, Vinod Kalathil, Dejan Kolar, Stefan Seidel, Jean-Philippe Jouve, Richard Lee, Berit Schurse, +ninja cat (really!), Heiko Köster, and Andy Brown!!  

Average Ripple length for the whole circle = 4.24!  *An incredible new record!*  We didn't get a record ripple chain, but we did have multiple chains of serious length, and 71% of all shares of the post were re-shared by others!!   A high Ripple# means that this network is highly interconnected, and does not depend on big Influencers to get the job done - we all help each other!  *I'm very proud today!*  That's what this is all about!  : )

See the Winners Photo Album >> for Contest history!

A special thanks to Alan Shapiro, Ron Clifford, Dwayne Oakes, Takahiro Yamamoto, Joe Azure, and Rodney Pike   : )   Thank you for visiting & sharing!

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