colors of autumn

colors of autumn

#leavesonthursday by Anne DurandStephen ThackerayRay BilcliffLeaves On Thursday
#turquoisethursday by Tatiana ParmeevaTurquoiseThursday
#hqspnaturalother HQSP Natural Other
#pixelworld by Alberto CarrerasPixelWorld
#paintography by Carol SmallGail BeermanSherry McBriarRay BilcliffPaintography
#10000photographers 10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS


  1. Fantastic capture Stefanie Schächtel  . Thank you for your awesome  contribution to HQSP Natural Other; and as a result, this outstanding photo of yours has been selected for the HQSPPromotion page .
    Congratulations  :))
    Kindest Regards 
    Jean-Noel Nicolas

  2. Very colourful Stefanie Schächtel , the very essence of Autumn! Many thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Thank you so much for all this wonderful comments and the fantastic support! Very much appreciated! :-). RICARDO MARTINEZJean-Noel NicolasTatiana ParmeevaSally SLeaves On Thursday

  4. Lieben herzlichen Dank für den wunderbaren Kommentar! Wünsch Dir eine gute Nacht! :-). Stefan Kierek


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