The last HQSP PAC circle before Christmas!

The last HQSP PAC circle before Christmas!

Originally shared by William Joers

This week's HQSP PAC  is here again!

The HQSP People's Appreciation Counter is a little fun for all those who take their own photos and share them here on G+. Take a look at the gallery and see where you  placed:

A big welcome to all the new participants. I wish time permitted me to welcome you all personally on your personal page, but I simply have been stretched to the limit and my time on google has been rather limited lately. 

All of the contributors to this week's PAC are in this circle as well as the HQSP pages and team members plus a couple of VIPs. Please +1 or share this circle with your friends to show your support. Any help sharing this circle would be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully,  William Joers


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