blowing in the wind

blowing in the wind

#macrofeatherfriday by Robin Griggs WoodE.E. Giorgi
#hqspmacro HQSP Macro
#colormeweekly by Betty ManousosRosie NixonColorMe Weekly
#breakfastclub by Gemma CostaBreakfast Club
#allthingspink by Barbara SheeskinAll Things Pink
#pinkcircle by lane langmadeCheryl CooperPink Circle
#everythinggreen by andi rivarolaEverything Green


  1. ....Bob Dylan....The answer my Friend is blowing in the wind....Thank you Stefanie...!!Melenia

  2. Congratulations! HQSP thinks your work is great and you have been included in the March +HQSPwinners group for this shot!

    Well done, please check out the other winning shots on HQSP Winners and look out for our Winners circle released at the end of each month :)

    Regards Anja Wessels

  3. Thank you so much for these lovely comments and your wonderful support! Wish you a great weekend!   ;-)  RICARDO MARTINEZ Robin Griggs Wood

  4. Μελένια Μέλι Great song by Bob Dylan! Thank you so much dear friend! Wish you a wonderful Sunday!   ;-)

  5. Thank you so much for selecting this photo for the HQSP Winners  and your great support! Have a wonderful Sunday!   ;-)  Anja Wessels


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