The latest Circle of Photo Exchange Club Members!

The latest Circle of Photo Exchange Club Members! 
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The latest list of Photo Exchange Club Members is here!
March 27 to April 09, 2014

If you're new to G+, or you just love beautiful photos, add this curated circle, and enjoy viewing the posts in your stream!

If you are a photographer of any level, you may qualify to become a member.  This circle share, a weekly contest, a lot of engagement from fellow members, and many G+ users circling you are all the benefits of being in this great club.

This circle is shared every 2 weeks, and if you want to be in the next one, add a URL to a recent G+ photo from your stream  in the comments below.  Mingle through the comments, click on some links to other people's shots and get to know some new people with similar interests.  You need at least 25% of your posts to be either your own photos, or credited work of others. (preferably G+ users!)

The (optional) Photo of the Week Contest is here >>

Last week's winner was Silke Tüxen - see her photo here >>, and previous winners here >>

See the Honorable Mention album here >>
and the 2013 Winners here >>

The Biggest Ripple Award goes to >> Michael Rutta << with a chain of 20 shares!  Thanks to all those that helped: Tina Apostolova,  Carsten Schlipf, Sergio Miranda, Trudy Grossman, Vinod Kalathil, Stefanie Schächtel, Andy Brown, Gabriel Codrut Nitescu, Septimiu Catona, Share Card-Photo, Robin Cohen, Rodney Campbell, Krystina Isabella Brion, Dominique Bonnet, Berit Schurse,  Phil Maxwell, Jean-Philippe Jouve, and Heiko Köster !  

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