summer dreams

summer dreams

#grasstuesday by Margaret TompkinsRay BilcliffGrass Tuesday
#bokehtuesday by Bob Baxley
#hqspnaturalother HQSP Natural Other
#dailydepthoffield by Vince Ongf.a. fiebigNuraini GhaifullahVirgil CowenDaily Depth Of Field
#grasspoker by Jules Falk HunterMartin OBERDavid Murphy
#yisforyellow by Lucille GalleliYisforYellow
#showyourbestwork by Britta RoggeShowYourBestWork
#themagicoflight by Ray BilcliffHamid DastmalchiPaul SteinThe Magic of Light
#pixelworld by Alberto CarrerasPixelWorld


  1. Impressive shot! Thank you for sharing it with The Magic of Light.

  2. Tomorrow DF Thank you very much for the great support!   ;-)

  3. Thank you dear Paul Stein for your wonderful support and the great encouragement! Wish you a nice week!  ;-)


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