Originally shared by HQSP Info

Originally shared by HQSP Info

Week 38 needs your votes!

Yesterday we posted the best 4 of week 37 in this post: http://hqsp.info/hqsp-top-google-share-week-37-2014/

For week 38 te HQSP team has chosen 20 new photos from the winners page and nominated them for HQSP Top G+ share

You, the public can vote by giving your favorite(s) a +1 on the voting page on the website: http://hqsp.info/your-votes-please-week-38-2014/

Rules of the HQSP Vote:
- A photographer cannot vote for their own photo
- A photographer cannot vote with other accounts/pages he or she owns/curates
- A photographer should not call others to vote for his photo alone. Inviting people to vote in general, is OK.

The winners will be posted on the Top G+ share page on
HQSP.info:  http://www.hqsp.info

So let's vote!

Congratulations, you are in this vote:
Heather Buckley Juan Carlos Vindas Timothy Selvage Alan Shapiro Jörg Zipf Robert Buchkremer miwa kai Hannes Winkler Michael Moeller Taylor Kiser Felix Inden Photography Jason Savage Alex Galiano Larry Henley Christa Niederer Stefanie Schächtel Jitte Groothuis Charles Fromage Bill Wood Chuck Kuhn 

If you don't want to be a part of the vote, or have any questions, please contact me. 

On behalf of the HQSP team,

Anja Wessels  


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