Originally shared by MOJITO ART FRIDAY

Originally shared by MOJITO ART FRIDAY

Welcome to  this week's Mojito Art Friday's Assignment*
Part of Mojito Art Circle -- A Circle with a Twist  

Today's Assignment (09.19.14): Colos of Life

Colors of Life

They influence our life from the first time we gain the ability to see. They guide us and give meaning to the things we do everyday. How can we then capture them in a way that brings forward their perfection and harmony? Express your creative Self, let your inner instincts run free and show us how you see COLORS.


Instructions: Upload an image, or create a G+ album, and include images that have meaning to you, i.e. personal value, processing challenge that became a learning experience, etc. Also, you may post separately up to three times. Explain why you've chosen the image/s. Use any tools to make the image/artistically pleasant, in your own way. Be creative in any way you like by using a special processing technique or program. 

The image/s can be generated from previous work you've already posted on G+, or partially posted before, it doesn't matter.  Please mention in your post that it's a re-post. The opportunity created here is  the ability to generate ideas, get to know each other, and be exposed to amazing works of art.

Very Important: Post your work on your own stream as usual, then post a link to it on the comments section below.

Please tag us with MOJITO ART FRIDAY  #mojitoarfriday  


How to participate? 
A- Share the URL of your work as specified above, or 
B- Share this assignment post in your stream, or 
C- Comment, +1 on other's comments/posts, or 
D- Do any or all ABC above 


Would you like to be notified when the assignment is out?  Please leave a  comment below.

Enjoy and have fun.



  1. Comme je m'en veut de ne pas lire L'anglais j'aimerai comprendre

  2. Jolie capture la couleur fabuleuse les influences leurs vies a travers pour la premier fois magnifique photo +MAJITO ART FRIDAY Stefanie Schächtel

  3. ........Lovely Colors......Thank you....!!!!!Melenia


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