Originally shared by MOJITO ART FRIDAY

Originally shared by MOJITO ART FRIDAY

Welcome to  this week's Mojito Art Friday's Assignment
Part of Mojito Art Circle -- A Circle with a Twist  

Today's Assignment (1.23.15): Ticket to Anywhere

To change things in your life, to recharge the batteries of your inner life, you have to take action, go somewhere; where would that be? It doesn't have to be far, or even costly; or even to be alone -- perhaps to be with people you love. Where, where would you go? Show us that place. Gives us a glimpse of what it looks like. Sometimes it's just the corner coffee shop, or across the world to a deserted island, to each person it's a different location. For inspiration, listen to this track filled with the emotion of finding that place:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Orv_F2HV4gk


Instructions for anyone new: Upload an image, or create a G+ album, and include images that have meaning to you, i.e. personal value, processing challenge that became a learning experience, etc. Also, you may post separately up to three times. Explain why you've chosen the image/s. Use any tools to make the image/artistically pleasant, in your own way. Be creative in any way you like by using a special processing technique or program. 

The image/s can be generated from previous work you've already posted on G+, or partially posted before, it doesn't matter.  Please mention in your post that it's a re-post. The opportunity created here is  the ability to generate ideas, get to know each other, and be exposed to amazing works of art.

Very Important: Post your work on your own stream as usual, then post a link to it on the comments section below.

Please tag us with                         

How to participate? 
A- Share the URL of your work as specified above, or 
B- Share this assignment post in your stream, or 
C- Comment, +1 on other's comments/posts, or 
D- Do any or all ABC above 


Would you like to be notified when the assignment is out?  Please leave a  comment below.

Enjoy and have fun.



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