rising sun

rising sun


  1. Farbenfrohe Inszenierung. Fotografisch kann ich nicht entscheiden, ... bin ja kein Fotograf ... :)

  2. Die späte Sonne zündelt in der Wiese ... klasse!

  3. I like to see the captured moments when the sun shines through the leaves of the trees. Magic autumn colors enhance the environment.

  4. Vielen Dank! Wüsnsch dir einen schönen Donnerstag! ;-) Berno Bartkowiak

  5. Das ist ein schöner Gedanke! Vielen Dank für den wunderbaren Kommentar! Wünsch dir einen schönen Donnerstag! ;-) Thomas Deckert

  6. Thank you so much dear friends! Greetings! ;-) Ben GuiryRita AguilarSuperbosanska KrajinaDanica Macanga

  7. Human Harvest” Screened at Taiwan Legislative Yuan—Exposes Human Rights Crisis in China
    December 16, 2017 | By Minghui correspondent Xia Jun
    g) The Peabody Award-winning film Human Harvest was screened at the Taiwan Legislative Yuan last week. Sponsored by the Taiwan International Organ Transplant Association and several lawmakers, a forum on the topic of state-sanctioned organ harvesting in China was held after the screening.

    The viewers said they believed that the Taiwanese government should inform the public, and ban “organ trips” to China.

    Lawmakers and sponsors at the forum after the screening.

    Illegal Organ Sources in China
    The documentary describes evidence showing how many organs used in transplant surgeries were forcibly harvested from imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners.

    Dr. Ding Kaiting, a representative from the Organ Transplant Association

    Dr. Ding Kaiting, a representative from the Organ Transplant Association, pointed out in his speech at the forum, that it takes 113-138 weeks to find a liver that matches a patient in England, the country that has the best and most mature organ donation system.

    “With significantly fewer donors, how can the waiting time in China be only two weeks?” Dr. Ding asked, “This suggests that there are illegal sources in China.”

    Chu Wanchi, a lawyer from the Organ Transplant Association, called upon the Taiwanese government not to side with the Chinese Communist Party on this issue. She said she applauds the bill passed in 2015 that bans organ tourism trips to China.

    “It is the first such bill in Asia,” Chu said, “But some Taiwanese still go to China for organ surgeries. Law enforcement should address this.”


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